Finance Controller Services

This function involves services beyond bookkeeping and involves experienced professionals like Chartered Accountants/CPA who handle the finance function of the clients remotely and provide insights to the management on a timely basis.

The model works on Finance as a service model and remotely our team helps the clients in managing their finances effectively. The services include:

  • Monthly financial reporting to ensure timely corrective action.
  • Due date calendar management to ensure timely payment of loans, duties, taxes, and other statutory dues which avoids penalties and charges.
  • Setting up vendor management system including payment terms, invoice processing, checks and balances before payment processing etc.
  • Ensuring timely vendor payment and communication which ensures seamless flow of supplies.
  • Preparation of Budgets after due discussion with the management.
  • Budget Vs Actuals variance analysis on a periodic basis.
  • Cash flow reports to Management on a periodic basis.\
  • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable reporting and analysis to the Management.
  • Providing information for Investor/Shareholder presentation.
  • Providing reports for Bank Loan or Investor Pitch Deck.
  • Defining SOPs for flow of information.
  • Review of Financial Information on periodic basis with the Management and look at corrective action wherever necessary.

Benefits of Outsourcing Finance Controller Services

Achieving operational excellence.

Achieving better reporting, infrastructure, and capabilities.

Achieving immediate digital transformation by quick technology adoption.

Achieving higher strategic alignment and focus.


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