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Ambit KPO Services was established to provide accounting, tax and business advisory services to corporations, small businesses, CPA firms, Restaurants and individuals throughout the US marketplace.

Business owners are increasingly asking themselves which services they should be delivering themselves and which are better off done by an outsourcing partner.

When done right, outsourcing can lead organization to improve the performance of daily functions at a lower cost while delivering process efficiency and innovation. That means streamlined processes for business owners, faster turnaround time. And due to reduced operating cost for SMEs and business expansion without moving into larger facilities for ambitious clients that want to get ahead of their competitors.

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Bookkeeping & Accounting

The recording of financial transactions, so that summaries of the financials may be presented in financial reports, is known as bookkeeping, of which double-entry bookkeeping is the most common system. As per Wikipedia ccounting or Accountancy is the measurement, processing, and communication of financial and non-financial information about economic entities such as businesses and corporations.

Tax Return Preparation Services

During the tax season or the extended season, our team of professionals have been working with CPA firms across the USA and helping them out in tax return preparation services. The team can process all types of tax returns i.e., 1040, 1065, 1120S or C Corp. Our team has experience of working on tax software […]

Accounts Receivable Management

Accounts receivable in the books of account means the business has made a sale or delivered a service but the payment for the same is yet to be realized. This also means that it is a sale on credit basis where the contractual terms offer credit period to the customer depending upon what has been […]

Accounts Payable Management

An account payable in the books of account means the business has received some goods or a service has been delivered for which the amount is yet to be paid. This also means that goods or service have been received on credit basis where the contractual terms offer credit period to the customer depending upon […]

Finance Controller Services

This function involves services beyond bookkeeping and involves experienced professionals like Chartered Accountants/CPA who handle the finance function of the clients remotely and provide insights to the management on a timely basis.

Payroll Services

The United States of America is home to approximately 330 million people and the largest economy in the world. With a huge economy United States offers a huge customer base and a highly skilled workforce across all services & industries. With such a huge workforce payroll processing is a huge market due to the complexities […]

Restaurant Accounting & Analysis/Reporting Services

We are trained on focused accounting and reporting needs of the Restaurant/Hospitality Industry with multiple locations.

Invoice Processing Services

We have a team of Data Entry Specialists and Data miners who can work on the following activities:

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